Shengli Power Machinery is a certified ISO9001 and ISO14001 manufacturer of generator set, based in China. Through 33 years' unremitting efforts, we can now provide you with dual-fuel generator set, coal mine gas generator set, diesel engine, air ventilation oxidation equipment, natural gas generator set, etc. Due to their consistent quality and reliability, our products have been awarded the CE, GOST, CCC, API, and QAC certificates, so our customers can feel secure in their purchase. If you are in need of any of our products, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Main Products
    2. 500kW Low Concentration Gas Generator Set The fuel used by this low concentration gas generator is gas with CH4 of 9%-25%.
      The temperature of the gas should not surpass 40℃ when the distance between the gas and the pressure ...
    2. 600kW Low Concentration Gas Generator SetThe content of the methane should not lower be than 9% and its fluctuated frequency should not surpass 2%/min.
      After mixing the gas according to theoretical mixture ratio in this low concentration gas ...
    1. 500kW Natural Gas Generator Set For pressurized natural gas generator in this natural gas generator set, the pressure for air inflow is 100kPa~300kPa; for unpressurized natural gas generator, the pressure for air inflow is 30kPa~300kPa.
    1. 600kW Biogas Generator Set The content of water in biogas which is used in this biogas generator set should not surpass 40g/Nm3.
      Low density biogas generator should be used for biogas with methane of about 30%~45%.
    1. 500kW Biomass Generator SetThe moisture content in straw gas should not surpass 40g/Nm3 and the heating value of the straw gas should not lower than 4MJ/Nm3.
      For gas that cannot reach the conditions above, ...
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