1. Air Ventilation Oxidation Equipment (VAM)Shengdong developed the air ventilation oxidation equipment with a mass air flow of 10000Nm3/h and passed the technical evaluation organized by national development and reform committee, coal industry association, environmental protection administration and safety supervision bureau in August, 2007.
    1. Low Concentration Gas Water Mist Transmission SystemWith the successful development of Shengdong low concentration gas water mist transmission system, the safe transmission of gas can be realized. Safe and efficient utilization in the gas power generation can also become possible.
    1. Petroleum Engineering Machinery and Pipe ToolsAs a manufacturer of petroleum engineering machinery and pipe tools, Shengdong covers business including manufacturing petroleum drilling equipment, processing drilling tools accessories, manufacturing metal structures, installing electromechanical equipment, repairing and reorganizing ocean platform and ships, etc. 
    1. Alternator and Electric productsThe alternator and electric products produced by Dongying Shengdong include the control system of the generator set of combustion motor, TEM control system of generator set, distribution box for high and low voltage, energy-saving electrical equipment and generator, etc.

Other Power Products

Shengli is an ISO9001and ISO14001 certified manufacturer of gas engine, based in China. Our company is located in Dongying City which provides us with convenient transportation which can help you reduce the international transportation costs. If you would like to know more about any of our products, please turn to the corresponding pages of coal mine gas generator set, biogas generator set, natural gas generator set, etc. We welcome you to contact us and we look forward to working with you.

Other Products
    1. 500kW High Concentration Gas Generator SetThe technologies this high concentration gas generator set uses include an electrically controlled fuel gas mixing technique, air inflow technique with low ...
    1. 24kW Natural Gas Generator SetFor pressurized natural gas generator, the pressure for air inflow is 100kPa~300kPa; for unpressurized natural gas generator, the pressure for air inflow is 30kPa~300kPa.
    1. Producer Gas Generator Set Model of engine: M12V190ZLDK-2
      Model of generator: 1FC6 455-6LA42
      Open cooling method for heat exchanger or closed cooling method ...
    1. Oilfield Dual-Fuel Engine This oilfield dual-fuel engine can improve the emission of the set and improve the environment.
      By replacing most diesel with natural gas, it can save a large amount of diesel, ...
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