Petroleum Engineering Machinery and Pipe Tools
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Petroleum Engineering Machinery and Pipe Tools

Products for Petroleum Engineering Machinery and Pipe Tools
1. Oilfield working equipment
To keep up with the development of the oilfield, Shengdong began to pay attention to the manufacturing and researching of petroleum engineering machinery and working equipment. With more than ten years of effort and experience, Shengdong has become more and more mature in manufacturing vehicle-mounted electric workover rig, XJ40Z-1 workover rig, TJ10-2A wheeled drilling machine, YTJ12/50 static hydraulic wheeled drilling machine, SD-13A crawler-type drilling machine, many kinds of loaders, cement truck, etc.
2. Equipment for drilling, repairing, reinforcing wells and its related matching products.
Shengdong has produced a mud pump set, prizing pump set, control system for the solid in mud, motive power system, drill floor and foundation, etc.
3. Dedicated tools for lifting in large-scale field operation include large-scale continuous casing pipes, petroleum accessories, fishing tools, etc.

As a manufacturer of petroleum engineering machinery and pipe tools, Shengdong covers business including manufacturing petroleum drilling equipment, processing drilling tools accessories, manufacturing metal structures, installing electromechanical equipment, repairing and reorganizing ocean platform and ships, etc. Shengdong has gained the API and QSHE certificate.

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