Oilfield Dual-Fuel Engine
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Oilfield Dual-Fuel Engine

The 12V190 Series oilfield dual-fuel engine is a newly designed dynamic drilling product with electronic control technology by Shengdong.

1. This oilfield dual-fuel engine can improve the emission of the set and improve the environment.
2. By replacing most diesel with natural gas, it can save a large amount of diesel, lowering the operation cost.
3. Under the dual-fuel working mode, the replacement rate of diesel can be 65%-70%.
4. When a sudden change of the load happens, this oilfield dual-fuel engine can still remain the ordinary output of motive power.
5. If there is not enough gas fuel available, this oilfield dual-fuel engine can switch to the working mode with pure diesel at any time. It is an ideal drilling dynamic machine.

Technical Specifications

Item Parameter
Model 1SP12V190ZL 1SP12V190ZL-2
Number of cylinder 12
Arranging method of cylinder V shape with included angle of 60°
Diameter of cylinder(mm) 190
Route of cylinder(mm) 210
Total displacement(L) 71.45
Air inflow way Increasing the pressure by using the exhaust produced by the generator to promote the operation of the turbine, thus improve the inlet pressure. The intercooler for air inflow is also used.
Rated power(kW) 750(dual-fuel working condition) 1000(pure diesel working condition) 600(dual-fuel working condition) 600(pure diesel working condition)
Rated rotate speed(r/min) 1500 1000
Min. stable rotate speed with empty load(r/min) 600
Dimension (L×B×H) (mm) 4516×2685×1970
Net weight(kg) 8800

As an experienced oilfield dual-fuel engine manufacturer based in China, we at Shengli are able to produce an extensive line of diesel engines and generator sets, such as marine engine, oilfield diesel engine, and so on. We can manufacture our gas engine according to customers' specific requirements. We are committed to offering high quality products and thoughtful customer service, and we are certified by ISO9001:2008. Thank you for visiting our website. If you have any related need, please contact us via any of the methods listed on the website.

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