Oilfield Diesel Engine
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Oilfield Diesel Engine

Shengdong has been specialized in offering customers highest quality power equipment for years. The 12V190 Series land diesel engine has more than ten models, and is characterized by sound dynamic property and high economical efficiency. It has the advantages of safe and reliable operation and convenient maintenance. It can be used as the motive power and supporting generator set for oilfield drilling. At present, the oilfield diesel engine is used in various oilfield drilling systems in China.

The 12V190 Series diesel coupler set uses the 12V190 diesel engine as its motive power, and can match with the YQZJ750 fluid coupler reduction box. It has the advantages of high transmission efficiency, quakeproof and vibration isolation and so on. With a common chassis, the engine features light weight and small size. This oilfield diesel engine is ideal for oilfield drilling.

Technical Specifications

Rotate Speed(r/min) Power(kW) Model of Diesel Engine
1500 1000 CP12V190ZL-B
900 CP12V190ZL-A
882 CP12V190ZL
1300 870 CP12V190ZL-3B
810 CP12V190ZL-3A
1200 800 CP12V190ZL-2B
735 CP12V190ZL-2A
1000 600 CP12V190ZL-2A
588 CP12V190ZL-2

Technical Specifications of Coupler Set

Rotate Speed(r/min) Output Power of the Engine (kW) Model of Diesel Engine Model of Coupler Model of Set
1500 1000 CP12V190ZL-B YOZJ750-20FlshA CP12V190ZLO-B
900 CP12V190ZL-A YOZJ750-20FlshA CP12V190ZLO-A
1300 810 CP12V190ZL-3A YOZJ750-20FlshA CP12V190ZLO-3A
1200 735 CP12V190ZL-2A YOZJ750-20FlshA CP12V190ZLO-2A

As a China-based oilfield diesel engine manufacturer, we also produce producer gas generator set, biomass generator set, natural gas generator set, etc. to suit your various needs. We can manufacture gas engine according to customers' specific requirements. With the advantage of superior quality and reliability, our products are in increasing demand in the United States, Cambodia, Syria, and the United Kingdom, among others. If you have any related need, please contact us via any of the methods listed on the website.

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