Marine Engine
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Marine Engine

The Shengdong marine engine includes 4190 Series and 6190 Series. It can be used as direct motive power for fishing boat. Using superior parts, the marine engine can greatly improve its performance and has the advantages of convenient maintenance, low noise, low oil consumption and so on. It is used in the coastal fishing boat market.

1. The marine engine features strong motive power, small vibration and so on.
2. It is designed with six cylinders which are vertically arranged.
3. The marine engine is a four-stroke engine and has a direct injection combustion chamber.
4. It is cooled by water.
5. The marine engine uses the mechanical governor, P9 injection pump and pneumatic start mode.
6. The engine has effective inter-cooled technology to better control the pressurization temperature.

Technical Specifications

Model of the Diesel Power(kW) Rotate Speed(r/min)
C6190ZLC-2B 330 1000
C6190ZLC 400 1450
C6190ZLC-A 450 1450
C6190ZLC-1 330 1200
C6190ZLC-1A 360 1200
C6190ZLC-1B 400 1200
C6190ZLC-2 300 1000
C6190ZLC-2C 294 1000
C6190ZLC-2D 330 1000
C6190ZLC-2E 218 1000
C6190ZLC-3 360 1300
C6190ZLC-3A 400 1300
C6190ZLCA 540 1450
C6190ZLCA-1 450 1200
C6190ZLCA-2 380 1000
C6190ZLCA-3 480 1300
C6190ZLC-4 218 900
C6190ZLC-C 385 1450
C6190ZLC-1C 372 1200
C6190ZLC-2G 264 1000

Shengli is a major manufacturer and supplier of marine engine, based in China. We also manufacture gas engine, generator set and power products. Our products are popular among clients from nearly 30 countries, including Guatemala, Japan, Kazakhstan,Australia, Mexico, and more. We hope that you will like our products.

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