1. 1.2MW Gas Engine/Generator SetThe generator set incorporates a Shengdong brand 16V190 gas engine which is powered by combustible gases.
      It offers continuous output between 900KW and 1200KW, and medium speed from 1000rpm to 1200 rpm.
    1. Natural Gas Generator SetModel: 24GF47-T
      Applicable gas: natural gas
      Power: 24kW ...
    1. Biogas Generator Set Model: 180GF-RZ/PwZ/PZ, 260GF-RZ/PwZ/PZ, 300GF-RZ/PwZ/PZ
      Applicable gas: biogas
      Power: 180kW, 260kW, 300kW ...
    1. Coal Mine Gas Generator SetModel: 500GF1-2RW, 500GF1-2PwW, 500GFZ1-RW, 500GFZ1-PwW, 500GJZ1-PwW
      Applicable gas: Gas with CH4≥25%
      Rated power: 500kW ...
    1. Biomass Generator SetModel: 120GF153-PG, 20GF153-PwG
      Applicable gas: Straw gas
      Power: 120kW ...
    1. Other Generator Set...

Gas Engine and Generator Set

Shengli is a professional manufacturer of gas engine and generator set based in China, which is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified. We also provide diesel engine and generator set, air ventilation oxidation equipment, alternator and electric products, and more. All our products are CE certified and have passed the test of market. We sincerely hope buyers and agents from all over the world will contact us.  We look forward to working with you!

Other Products
    1. 24kW Natural Gas Generator SetFor pressurized natural gas generator, the pressure for air inflow is 100kPa~300kPa; for unpressurized natural gas generator, the pressure for air inflow is 30kPa~300kPa.
    1. 600kW Natural Gas Generator SetModel: 600GF1-RT
      Instruction: This is a common type of natural gas generator set designed with open cooling method foe heat exchanger.
    1. Dual-Fuel Generator Set This dual-fuel generator set can improve discharging, so it is good for the environment.
      It can save large amounts of diesel oil, so the operating cost will be greatly reduced.
      By using the Shengli ...
    1. Alternator and Electric productsWith years of experience in this field, Dongying Shengdong can provide the support for control and distribution technology, construction and ...
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