Dual-Fuel Generator Set
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Dual-Fuel Generator Set

Technical Features
1. This dual-fuel generator set can improve discharging, so it is good for the environment.
2. It can save large amounts of diesel oil, so the operating cost will be greatly reduced.
3. By using the Shengli electric hybrid proprietary technology, the natural gas and air can be premixed.
4. This dual-fuel generator set can automatically switch the oil and natural gas. As a result, it will operate in pure diesel oil mode if there is no natural gas.
5. An imported electronic governor is used to ensure the good dynamic property of the generator.
6. By welding the admission pipe and installing an explosion door, this dual-fuel generator set can completely protect itself from explosion.
7. It has a large universal degree with Shengli corresponding type of diesel, thus it is easy to be reorganized.

Technical Parameters

Name of Parameter Value of Parameter
Model of the set 600GF1-1PS
Model of engine 1SP12V190ZL-2
Model of generator 1FC6 457-6LA42
Cooling method of the set Closed cooling method
Rated power(kW) 600
Rated current(A) 1082
Rated voltage(V) 400
Rated frequency(Hz) 50
Rated rotated speed(r/min) 1000
Rated power factor(cosφ) 0.8(lag)
The number of phase and the wiring method Three coils wired by three phase lines and one zero line
Way for adjusting pressure AVR(automatic voltage regulation)
Excitation method Brushless excitation
Starting up method Air starting system.
Dimension (L×B×H)(mm) 5433×1970×2698
Net weight (kg) 13000

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