1. 120kW Biomass Generator SetTemperature of the straw gas should not surpass 40℃ when it is 1m or nearer to the pressure regulating valve for air inflow.
      The pressure that this biomass generator set can sustain ranges from 3kPa to 10 kPa and the fluctuated ...
    1. 200kW Biomass Generator SetFor the straw gas used in this biomass generator set, the volume content of H2 should not surpass 20% and the max. content of H2S, NH3 and tar are 50mg/Nm3, 20mg/Nm3, and 50mg/Nm3.
      The moisture content in straw gas should not surpass 40g/Nm3 and the heating value of the gas should ...
    1. 500kW Biomass Generator SetThe moisture content in straw gas should not surpass 40g/Nm3 and the heating value of the straw gas should not lower than 4MJ/Nm3.
      For gas that cannot reach the conditions above, special allocation will be took for this biomass generator ...

Biomass Generator Set

Specifications of Different Types of Biomass Generator Sets
Type 1
1. Model: 120GF153-PG, 20GF153-PwG
2. Applicable gas: Straw gas
3. Power: 120kW
4. Voltage/Frequency:400V/50Hz

Type 2
1. Model: 200GF-RG/PwG
2. Applicable gas: Straw gas
3. Power: 200kW
4. Voltage/Frequency:400V/50Hz

Type 3
1. Model: 500GF1-RG, 500GF1-PwG
2. Applicable gas: Biogas
3. Power: 500kW
4. Voltage/Frequency:400V/50Hz

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