120kW Biomass Generator Set
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120kW Biomass Generator Set


Model Dimension (mm) L×B×H Net Weight (kg) Instruction
120GF153-PG 4045×1600×1980 5500 Closed cooling method for vertical water box with fan.
120GF153-PwG 3505×1600×1985 5200 Closed cooling method for horizontal water box with more than one fan

Conditions for Using
1. Temperature of the straw gas should not surpass 40℃ when it is 1m or nearer to the pressure regulating valve for air inflow.
2. The pressure that this biomass generator set can sustain ranges from 3kPa to 10 kPa and the fluctuated frequency of the pressure should not surpass 1kPa/min.
3. The granularity of the impurity should not surpass 5 μm and its max. content is 30mg/Nm3.
4. For the straw gas used in this biomass generator set, the volume content of H2 should not surpass 20% and the max. content of H2S, NH3 and tar are 50mg/Nm3, 20mg/Nm3, and 50mg/Nm3.
5. The moisture content in straw gas should not surpass 40g/Nm3 and the heating value of the gas should not be lower than 4MJ/Nm3.
For gas that cannot reach the conditions above, special allocation will be tookfor this biomass generator set after evaluation according to the specific composition, pressure, temperature, etc. provided.

Technologies Used
This biomass generator set uses electrically fuel gas mixing technology, low-pressure air inflow technology, automatic control technology for burning and safe conveying system.

Technical Parameters

Name of Parameter Value of Parameter
Model G4190ZLDK-2
Number of cylinder 4
Arranging way of cylinders Straightly arranged
Diameter of cylinder(mm) 190
Route(mm) 210
Total displacement(L) 23.82
Air inflow way Increasing the pressure by using the exhaust produced by the generator to promote the operation of the turbine, thus improve the inlet pressure. The intercooler for air inflow is also used.
Rated power(kW) 140
Rated rotate speed(r/min) 1000
Min. stable rotate speed with empty load(r/min) 600
Dimension(L×B×H) (mm) 2240×1120×1656
Net weight(kg) 3000

Founded in 1978, Shengli is one of the leading biomass generator set manufacturers and suppliers, based in China. We also provide oilfield diesel engine, biogas generator set, oil shale gas generator set, and more. Over the past years, we have always been striving to provide customers with high quality products and top class service. As a result, our company received the ISO9001:2008 certification and our products are CE, CCC certified. For more detailed information, please continue browsing our website or feel free to call us directly.

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